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Historic Environment Record & Environment Viewer (Devon)

This good practice provides a key method of identifying potential historical sites that can be promoted.  The Devon Environmental Viewer has resulted from many years of evolving public access to environmental data. The Viewer, enable heritage professionals, project stakeholders and the public to identify and source further information about accessible sites and buildings of historical interest, on land, in the inter-tidal and marine zones. Photo: Bill Horner. One of many wrecks that are recorded on the Devon HER. Believed to be the Sally, which sank at anchor off Northam Burrow in north Devon in 1769 while carrying a cargo of port wine from Oporto to Bristol.

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The Devon Historic Environment Record (HER) began in 1975 when it was realised that in order protect and promote archaeological sites and historic buildings it was necessary to collate data on them and to accurately map their location and extent. Devon County Council took responsibility for the HER in 1979 and transferred it onto a Geographical Information System (GIS) in 2005. In 2017 Devon County Council created the 'Devon Environmental Viewer'  web portal in order to make all its digital environmental data available to the public. This includes the HER and supporting historic mapping and aerial photographs, public rights of way (paths and open access land), biodiversity and geodiversity datasets and landscape character mapping.
Devon, open data, Spanish Armada, Napoleonic Era, Atlantic Migrations, World Wars, Archaeolgical Sites, Maritime Heritage, Sub-Marine Sites
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