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Did you miss our first project newsletter?
7 Jul 2020
Stay tuned with our latest TIDE news and (re)discover the historical maritime routes in the Atlantic through our...
"Our County has a vast number of shipwrecks along the coastline"
22 Jun 2020
Donegal County Council we sought to develop and promote the untold stories of what lies beneath our waves.
A day to celebrate our blue planet!
4 Jun 2020
World Oceans Day, June 8, is coming and from TIDE, we want to (re)discover and promote underwater historical remains...
"Project’s themes are fundamental to Devon’s maritime heritage and identity"
1 Jun 2020
Devon County Council will participate fully in designing and testing the TOOLKIT and Online service for the project.
Would you like to submerge with us in Atlantic history using VR/AR?
27 May 2020
We would like to invite public and private sector organisations and individuals to join the TIDE Project Stakeholders...
"A nice opportunity to explore the possibilities of our European Atlantic shared heritage"
25 May 2020
TIDE partners from Andalusia will develop a project TOOLKIT and will share their underwater expertise.
"We have an incredibly rich maritime heritage here in the North-west of Ireland"
18 May 2020
Partners in Northern Ireland believe that TIDE will fulfill the lack of tangible heritage in a new and exciting way,...
The emigration of Donegal women, a digital booklet
13 May 2020
The story of the emigration of Donegal women between 1845 and 1950 to Great Britain, the United States, Canada and...