TIDE, or 'Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism' project, will aid organisations and practitioners in the Atlantic region tourism development sector in identification of potential niche tourism packages. TIDE will use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in archaeology and submarine exploration fields to enrich visitor experiences and introduce an exciting new dimension to tourism and cultural heritage of the Atlantic regions. The framework will be piloted with particular focus on the Napoleonic, Spanish Armada, World Wars and Atlantic Migrations eras.

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Conclusions from VR experiences and the project platform

Full house in Sligo. Experts across the Atlantic Area with niche maritime interests research history together using emerging technologies.

Explore Madeira's history with augmented reality tour of World War I

New tourist experience takes visitors on a virtual journey through 3D digital reconstruction of impacted places by submarine attacks during World War I

Exploring the Underwater Heritage of Cadiz

TIDE project holds successful stakeholder meeting and outreach events to share results and raise awareness of cultural heritage

TIDE Project Brings Devon's Historical Sites to Life

From Bolt Tail to Dartmouth Castle, and Topsham Museum to the TIDE Platform, discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of Devon

‘The Storm, The Sea – The Saldanha’ at Fanad lighthouse

In the Napoleonic era, the HMS Saldanha took for shelter during heavy seas. The VR experience takes you back in time as the Captain Packenham’s parrot.

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