What do we want to achieve?

What is TIDE?

TIDE, or 'Atlantic Network for Developing Historical Maritime Tourism' project, focuses on the sustainable development of onshore and underwater sites of historical interest on the Atlantic Area coastline. The project outputs will aid organisations & practitioners in the Atlantic region tourism development sector to develop new tourism products. 

With a focus on maritime history in the Atlantic regions, the sites can relate to shipwrecks, ports, battles, emigration, trade, forts, migrations, castles and invasions. A key aspect of the project is creation of new networked tourism products based on rediscovering historical connections between regions on the Atlantic.


The sea leaves an indelible mark on the societies that settle on its shores. Throughout history, it has powerfully influenced the way of life of many different generations. In the case of the Atlantic, the area’s regions share links related to historical eras. These cultural assets are a very valuable resource that can be used as a vehicle for transnational collaboration, solidarity and knowledge. The framework will be piloted with a particular focus on specific historical eras including: Napoleonic, Spanish Armada, World Wars, Atlantic Migrations. 


The TIDE project aims to develop and market new types of multi-regional historical maritime niche tourist packages and visitor attractions for the Atlantic by sharing cultural assets across regions, supported by new technologies and transnational collaboration tools.


  • Develop the collaborative digital tools to enable regions to create niche transnational maritime tourism packages based on sharing historical assets.
  • Create a new breed of maritime cultural visitor attraction by using virtual reality and archaeology techniques to connect to real historical sites.
  • Amplify the impact and sustainability of TIDE by stimulating the use of the approach and tools across the Atlantic area.


Organisations, regional and local public institutions, virtual reality companies, universities, tourism boards and development associations from Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, and Donegal, Sligo, Derry & Strabane, Devon, Loire, Cantabria, Cadiz and Madeira in Europe, are participating in the project. 

The TIDE partnership would like to invite organisations in the Atlantic Area with an interest in maritime history & archaeology, local & regional development and tourism product development to participate in the project. Please contact us for more details!

Porthole' from SS Laurentic at Tower Museum, Derry (Northern Ireland). Source: DCSDC.

 The Devon Museums Group Website, Devon (UK). Source: Devon Museums.

La Ballenera, Cadiz (Spain). Source: Cadiz University.

Beer Head, the excavation of a Napoleonic era coastal artillery battery. Source: Devon County Council (UK).