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Beware! Convoy Below!
This virtual reality experience takes you back in time to the First World War era in the early 1900’s. TIDE Partners, Donegal County Council, Derry City and Strabane District Council, Devon County Council and CLARTE (experts in VR technology in Pays de la Loire, France) have got together to create an exciting VR experience which takes the ‘Lieutenant’ into a Kite Balloon which is part of a convoy of merchant ships coming from North America and heading for Lough Foyle!
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You are welcomed onto HMS Margaret, a Royal Navy Destroyer which was launched in 1917 by Captain McConnell. Their mission is to secure the convoy that will resupply precious goods such as food and necessities to the forces at the front of the battle. The Lieutenant will have to keep a watchful eye for U-Boats or even mines for several hours! Once the Kite Balloon is hooked up, the basket, balloon and Lieutenant is raised up to over 1,000 feet! Get familiar with Destroyers, Cruisers, Naval Trawlers, Minesweepers, Airships and Aircraft as you travel past Malin Head and Inishtrahull!
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